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Kate Russell and LJ Rich host a webchat all about apps. They are playing around with talkshoe, and are test-driving running a regular podcast. This is their first (unofficial!) broadcast.  Sympodius won the competition to take part in the chat. Everyone else is in the chatroom and can hear the podcast and type their thoughts.

What follows is a transcript of some of the text-  with some links added afterwards.
After a few hiccups, everyone arrives at
Before Kate hits the record button, there’s some online chat :
  • whether Click should be on BBC 1 or BBC 2 instead of the news channel
  • Old computer games – visit http://
  • Stevesm2010 posted – it’s a screenshot of the talkshoe chat client
The show starts:
Everyone is talking about apps. The ones we rate, the ones we hate and something else that rhymes with “ate”. A bit like “snog, marry, avoid”.
    • Stevesm2010 – I use Dropbox for accessing pictures and brochures on my iPhone to show prospective clients
    • onemanonline – my only complaint is they are a tad expensive for more GB
    • onemanonline – compared to S3 etc
    • DVDfever – Thanks to LeonBrown for the site link – I just had a go of The Hobbit 🙂 I climbed into the chest and closed it – always a winner that
    • oomska – ok managed to get the chat window working by installing the app rather
    • than using web only… says another zx81 starter 😉
    • DVDfever – one. You have to then quit the game as “Open Chest” says “What chest?”
(added note – @DVDfever, that is very very silly indeed.)

(LJ mentions calengoo calendar sync as a rated app for the iphone/ipod touch. Link )

  • sympodius – I think everything in Dropbox is encrypted, Stevesm?
(Guest 18 was part of the “get click on bbc1/bbc2” chat)
  • DVDfever – As Guest18 has mentioned the Click campaign, I’ll give the link for the page I’ve just set up –
(It’s a facebook campaign page – at the time of writing there are 122 “like”s )
  • oomska – yes dropbox absolutly encrypted
  • DVDfever – Megathanks to Kate for the RT 🙂
  • Stevesm2010 – I mean more the reliability and so on…
(LJ talks about the fitness app My Instructor on the ipod touch/iphone
  • onemanonline – bargain app
  • Stevesm2010 – That was on Click wasn’t it Kate?
  • Babylon999 – people shout at me at work for nothing
  • Stevesm2010 – Ahh! Yes, I remember
  • onemanonline – lol
  • Stevesm2010 – My excercise involves a decent pint of Ale LOL
  • ljrich – link to fitness package in written form on the Click website
  • oomska – “Evernote” is also an *awesome* multi platform app
(Kate talks about the android tracking app next)
  • Babylon999 – can i be really boring and say one of my rate apps is national rail
  • Stevesm2010 – You can… Why not, if it’s useful to you
  • onemanonline – while on the bus
  • onemanonline – lol
  • DVDfever – I’ve joined a gym and I’ve got my induction on Monday after work.
  • Looking forward to it 🙂
  • ljrich – @babylon999 there’s another one from thetrainline that lets you
  • download timetables
  • LeonBrown – Does it have a feature to see how late the trains are? 😉
(yes it does! links:
LJ mentions the trainline app is free
  • ljrich – There is an android app that’s free called Gdocs
  • Babylon999 – cant believe i am multitasking, listening to someone speak and
  • typing at the sametime
  • Stevesm2010 – Toodledo on the iPhone (synced with Outlook) is my essential
  • iPhone app. Stops me forgetting loads!
  • Stevesm2010 – Babylon – YOu get used to it 🙂
  • Guest 14 – My fav. app is Joikuspot for S60 Nokias. Turns my N97 into a wifi
  • hub, letting me surf, email etc on my iPod touch avoiding awful n97 ui
  • There’s talk of predictive texting next
  • KateClick –
  • oomska – great fitness app for iphone is *runkeeper* / that stats its tracks at
  • the portal are awesome – really encouraging
  • Babylon999 – i love this, its great
  • DVDfever – Great vid link, Kate – I might give the Swype app a try on my G1 🙂
Sympodius mentions a music app that’s a bit like spotify
  • sympodius –
  • sympodius – you need to be a VIP member to get the mobile app
Kate posts a link to a horrible zombie picture of her.
  • KateClick –
  • DVDfever – Ooh, crikey, Kate! That’s a scary pic, hehe 😀
  • Guest 18 – Wow!!
  • Stevesm2010 – LOL… Cool pic
LJ and Kate are trying to work out the best way to keep the text for later viewing and clicking
That’s it till next time.

Afterwards, everyone slopes off to watch BBC Click, go to a barbeque, or generally mooch around.

The next date will be announced here and on twitter.
See you again!
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Things will become clearer as more things are posted….

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